Clinton Win 2015 Women’s Pennant Series

The finals of the 2015 Golf Otago Women’s Pennant series were held at the Otago Golf Club’s Balmacewen course on Monday 24th of August.

The winning team from each of the three women’s sub-associations competed in a 36 hole, round robin matchplay final.  The format is the same as the men’s senior pennant finals and the men’s and women’s South Island Inter-provincials.  By utilising a “split-draw” system, the three teams are able to complete the matches in 36 holes without the need for a bye.

The winter of 2015 will be remembered for the disruptions to golf fixtures throughout Otago and the women’s pennant finals did not escape its grasp.  While the morning round was completed in pleasant, overcast conditions, rain began to fall as the afternoon round got underway.

By the time the field had completed nine holes in the pm round, the course was becoming unplayable and the round was suspended.  After a further hour of steady rain and no chance of the remaining nine holes being completed before dark, there was no choice but to reduce the pm round to the 9 holes played.

Clinton Women's Pennant Winners 2015

Clinton, with a 3 1/2 – 2 1/2 win over Arrowtown and a half with Taieri Lakes won the pennant for 2015.

Scoreboard is published here: 2015 Women’s Pennant Finals Scoreboard

25 Aug 2015