2018 Golf Otago AGM

The 71st AGM of Golf Otago Inc will be held at Tokarahi Golf Club on Saturday 21st of April 2018.

Otago clubs will be represented at the meeting by Delegates from the seven Otago Sub-Associations.

Based on membership figures from around the District, the following voting and speaking representation is allocated at the 2018 meeting:

North Otago Men 652 members = 3 Delegates
South Otago Men & Women 685 members = 3 Delegates
Metropolitan Men 2187 members = 11 Delegates
Metropolitan Women 467 members = 2 Delegates
Central Otago Men 3153 members = 16 Delegates
Central Otago Women 1291 members = 6 Delegates

Copies of Meeting Documents Published Here:
Golf Otago AGM 2018 Notice..Agenda..Reports

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13 Apr 2018