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24 04 2018

Central Otago Pennants Update 22.04.2018

The latest results of the 2018 Central Otago Pennant series are published here; 1. Results - Senior A 2. Results - Senior B 3. Results - Intermediate 4. Results - Junior A 5. Results - Junior B...Read More »

20 03 2018

Central Otago Pennants at 18 March 2018

The results of Central Otago pennants, following rounds played on 18th March 2018, are published here. Results -Senior A 18 March 2018 Results Senior B 18 March 2018 Results Intermediate 18 March 2018 Results-Junior A 18 March 2018 Results-Junior B 18 March 2018...Read More »

20 02 2018

Central Otago Inter-Club 2018 Tees Off

The First round of the 2018 Central Otago Inter-club was played at Arrowtown GC on Saturday 17th February. Queenstown are away to a flyer, but history has shown that 20 shot swings in a singe round are a regular occurrence in this competition. There is plenty of water to flow down the lateral ha...Read More »

28 09 2017

Draws Executives Day & Champions

The Women's Executives Day and Champions of Champions fixtures will be played at Arrowtown on Thursday/Friday 4th - 5th October. The draws as amended at 11.45am 02/10/2017 are published here: 2017 Executives Day Arrowtown Draw as at 02.10 11.45 2017 Women's Champion of Champions Draw at 02....Read More »

29 08 2017

Central Otago Interclub Results

The Central Otago Sub-Association has completed round 5 of the 2017 Inter-club competition. The latest round was played at Cromwell on Saturday 26th of August with the host club taking full home course advantage to leap up the leader board. Dunstan and Cromwell are now tied for the lead on an a...Read More »

16 08 2017

Draw for 2017 Women’s Pennant Finals

The Golf Otago Women's Pennant finals will be hosted by the Alexandra Golf Club on Monday 21st of August. Finalists from the three Sub-Associations are Otago (Balmacewen), Tapanui and Wanaka. The finals are played as a round-robin matchplay fixture, between teams of six players, utilising a "s...Read More »

12 06 2017

Central Otago Pennants Drawing to a Close

The 2017 Central Otago Pennant series is all but completed, with just one re-scheduled Senior B match still to be played. Full results are published here: CO Pennants Senior A 2017 CO Pennants Senior B 2017 CO Pennants Intermediate 2017 CO Pennants Junior A 2017 CO Pennants Junior ...Read More »

31 05 2017

Central Otago Pennants Near Completion

Central Otago round robin matches are all but comp[leted for 2017, with some grades requiring a couple of catch-up rounds to finish the season off. Results to 28th of May are published here: CO Pennants Senior A 28.05.2017" CO Pennants Senior B 28.05.2017 CO Pennants Intermediate 28.05.2...Read More »

30 05 2017

Central Otago Inter-Club Pauses for Winter

The Central Otago Inter-club competition enters the winter recess with just 3 rounds of the schedule completed. The event involves 8 clubs with a round on each of the entrants home courses, split into a Summer/Autumn - Spring/Summer schedule. The normal format allows for 4 rounds on each side of...Read More »

25 05 2017

Central Otago Pennants Near Completion

Latest Results from 2017 Central Otago Pennants are published here C O Pennants . Senior A 21.05.2017 C O Pennants. Senior B 21.05.2017 C O Pennants Intermediate 21.05.2017 C O Pennants Junior A 21.05.2017 C O Pennants Junior B 21.05.2017 ...Read More »